Deposits ID


Deposits ID is a fast authentication single sign-on (SSO) with kyc built-in. It can be used for quick access to financial services or as a payments token (login with deposits/pay with deposits). User accounts can be ready in 30 seconds and you don't have to worry about Anti Money Laundering (AML) and fraud detection because it's all handled for you.

Simple! Beautiful! Deposits ID.

Getting Started

Before creating an application that will use deposits id for authentication and onboarding method, each company/developer has to create an account on the deposits id developer portal, go through the account authentication process and be on an active payment plan.

Creating an Application

Creating an application to leverage Login with deposits is very easy, simply follow the steps listed below.

Click on the button at the bottom of the dashboard that says “New App

Fill in the details of your application; Application name, Application website, description of your application ( be as clear as possible as we may terminate your application if we feel it is being used in a way other than the description ). After you’re done, you will be redirected back to the dashboard where you will see your newly created application listed.

Click on your newly created application and fill out the other details like; redirect url, webhook, and hit save. Now you are ready to add Login with deposits to your website.

At the bottom of your application page, you will see a login url for your application, copy that and paste it in the authentication page of your website. Feel free to style it accordingly.

Authentication Flow

When a user clicks on “Login with Deposits”, they will be brought to the Deposits ID website to complete the authentication process. They will be asked to log into their deposits ID account. Upon successful login, they will be redirected back to the redirect url that you provided while creating the application. In addition to redirecting the user to your website, we will also be sending a token in the URL. Be careful though. This token expires in a couple of minutes so, you need to use it immediately when you receive it.

Exchanging a Token

The token sent to you has only one use; to be exchanged for a permanent user token. This exchange is done by making a request to the '/exchangeToken' endpoint. Sending the token and your secret key. If the token is successfully verified as being issued by deposits ID, you will receive a response that looks like this:

statusCode: 200,
First_Name: "USER_FIRST_NAME",
Last_Name: "USER_LAST_NAME",
status: "user authenticated"

It is also good to mention that as we redirect the user to your website after successful login, we also simultaneously send a webhook notification which also contains :

"token": "USER_TOKEN_HERE",
"First_Name": "USER_FIRST_NAME",
"Last_Name": "USER_LAST_NAME",
"Email": "USER_EMAIL",
"status": "user authenticated"

What Now

Now you have successfully integrated Login with Deposits to your system. Leveraging our KYC, AML, Fraud Prevention, Brute force prevention, Instant Onboarding, and all the other amazing perks that come with it. What else can you do? You can always use that user token to request for new information on the user. If you want to perform a new ofac check, send us the user token and we will respond with the latest result. If you want to block the user’s account from accessing your system, log into your developer dashboard, click on the application, scroll down through the user list till you find your user, click on their name and you can manage their access from there.

Simple! Beautiful! Deposits ID.