API Architecture and Resource Structure
The Deposits Platform has various resources and features but is majorly centered around five resources. Virtually all the others are connected in one way or another with the resources mentioned here.
  • KYC&KYB (KySync product)
  • Payment collection
  • Transfers
  • Topups
  • Payouts
The Deposits API architecture is laid out in various levels as described below.
A tenant is an organization or institution built on the Deposits API or making use of the Deposits API to offer finance-related products and services to other entities
An entity is a single unique object who is able to carry out transactions on the Deposits platform. On deposits, we have two types of entities - individual and business
An individual is a type of entity that is a person. An individual will go through KYC.
A business is an entity that is a registered organization. A business will go through KYB
A user represents an end-user accessing the Deposits Platform API via your application, be it a mobile app, web app, desktop app, etc.

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