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ACH Fundamentals

ACH transfers move funds between your Deposits account and any other account accessible by the Automated Clearing House (ACH).
ACH enables the built transfer of funds between banks particularly in the US. It is important to note that ACH transactions are processed in batches and usually take some time to settle. The settlement time may vary depending on the bank involved.

Types of ACH

ACH pull is the pulling of funds out of a user’s bank account thereby causing a debit. When a payout is initiated by the receiving account, it is regarded as an ACH pull, as the receiving account pulls funds from the source account.
ACH push is the pushing of funds from the sending account to the receiving account and is referred to as an ACH credit. When a payout is initiated by the source account, it is regarded as an ACH push as the source account pushes funds to the receiving account.

Settlement Types

  • Same-Day ACH:
    Same-day ACH is a settlement type that enables payout funds to arrive at the receiving bank on the same day if the payout is initiated before the cutoff time.
    Because ACH transactions are processed using a batch system, same-day ACH ensures that your payout is sent in an expedited batch to be processed on the same day if it does not occur after the cutoff time.
  • Standard ACH:
    For Standard ACH transactions, the recipient bank receives the ACH settlements within 3 - 5 business days, from the time initiated.

Cutoff Time

After a certain hour on a business day, a payout will not be processed until the next business day. Cutoff time only applies to business days and excludes weekends, public/bank holidays.
Cutoff times are also influenced by the type of transaction being made.
Payment Type
Cutoff Time
ACH Debit/Credit
7:00PM CST
It can take up to 4 business days to settle depending on the beneficiary bank account
Same-Day ACH
10:30AM CST
It settles the same business day the transaction is sent
US Dollar Wires (Domestic & International)
2:00PM CST
It settles in 1 business day depending on the beneficiary bank account
Incoming Wires to Post the Same Business Day
2:00PM CST
It settles in 1 business day depending on the beneficiary bank account

Types Of Payouts

  • Scheduled Payouts
Scheduled payouts allow you to schedule a payout to one or more bank accounts to be processed at a later time. This type of payout is great for paying bills or salaries.
  • Standard Payouts
With standard payouts, you can send funds via payment networks like Zelle and RTP, if it is supported by the receiving bank.