In the banking business, the identity verification procedure is essential. It helps to reduce unlawful behaviours such as money laundering, fraud, and financing of illegal enterprises. It is a required procedure for validating prospective clients' addresses and identities before conducting transactions.
KYSync is the umbrella term for our identity verification services. It successfully enables enterprises, corporations, or financial institutions to verify an individual's or business's identification.
The KySync service consists of two products:

Document Verification

Furthermore, KySync provides document verification for up to 180 countries. The following documents may be verified using KySync:
  • National ID,
  • Drivers’ License,
  • Voter’s Card,
  • International Passport.

How it works

We use KySync to verify the information submitted to us with the government's online database. However, in the case of document verification, we use machine learning for verification.
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