Getting Started


Deposits Layers
A. Deposits Core
B. Platform services
C. Banks/FI/Credit Unions/Business Aggregators
D. Open market


Our suite of API endpoints allows you to build fintech applications for your users. You're able to create wallets, issue cards to your customers and so much more.
To get started, log into your console and retrieve your API key. Create a new client and wait for the approval. To try out the console in staging, you can log into the staging environment here.
We'll always be available to help if you're having any trouble setting this up.

Accessing The APIs

We have two environments you can access our APIs from depending on your development stage for ease of development. When you interact with our APIs, your use of the live or test keys would determine what environment you're working in.

Live Environment

The base URL for the Live Environment is

Staging Environment

The base URL for the Staging Environment is

Status Codes

There are two main status codes that you can receive from the server, they include:
  • 200 Request went through
  • 400 Something went wrong from our side
A 200 response looks like this:
"status": "success",
"message": "Account created successful.",
"data": {...}
status is one of success, warning, or error
message provides more context on the status
data could be one of the following:
  • null when there's no data returned
  • object for a single object
  • array of objects

Rate Limiting

The maximum amount of API calls you can make from a single client in a minute is 200. We did this to prevent our APIs from being overwhelmed. If your use case will require that you make more than 200 API calls in a minute, please reach out to us.
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